Welcome to the 2018 School Year at Crescent Leadership Academy! Crescent Leadership Academy’s goal is to ensure that every student gets the quality education necessary to be successful in life. That’s why we have made a commitment to create an engaging learning environment where you will be challenged and motivated to achieve your academic and life goals. At CLA, we focus on education and life skills through a variety of learning opportunities. Crescent Leadership Academy is committed to providing you with core academics as well as the opportunity to participate in athletics, career and technical education, positive skill development and many community related activities. CLA staff and teachers want you to feel safe, supported, and surrounded by those that can help you through the difficulties and joys of being in Middle and High School. To achieve this success, we ask each student to be actively involved in their own academic success by respecting others, respecting school norms and rules, by studying hard to reach your potential. If you set high goals and work hard, you will begin to achieve them. And we are here to help you, if you are ready to succeed. At CLA, we value each student and believe you are capable of great achievements. That is why we encourage you to take ownership of your education by showing up, meeting school expectations, completing your school work and by participating in school programs. We look forward to a successful school year filled with great accomplishments from you and all the students at Crescent Leadership Academy.
In accordance with R.S. 44:33.1, §33.1. the Custodian for Public Records Requests is Carol Cantrell.  Her contact information is carol.cantrell@rop.com.